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How to eat healthy at your work place, when the office pantry is filled with devilicious salt/fat/sugar laden food?

1. Pack your own healthy meals to work

2. Fill up on unsweetened water/tea

3. Catch yourself before you start eating mindlessly or emotional eating.

Your colleagues might be inquisitive to why you’re eating this way, some giving slight sarcastic comments like: ‘are you on a diet?’ or ‘wow! i can never be as healthy as you’.

And to answer that, NO, a diet is only temporary, I’m determine to make it a lifestyle habit for myself.

To be honest, i was embarrassed with the remarks they passed, and being the solo who makes an effort to pick salmon over beef and fruits over pastries or even bringing my own meals to work most of the time, i’ve caved in and felt that I’m probably being too ‘extreme’. However, I’VE NEVER ENJOYED EATING LAMB/BEEF/PORK due to personal preference, and i definitely have more determination in taking care of the only body i have - thats the way I’m being brought up, thats what my mother, who learnt about food as therapy, has taught me.

NOT BECAUSE IM TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. If i was, i’ll probably eat an apple and starve myself the rest of the day.

And yes, u can never be ‘as healthy as me’, thats why you’re so out of shape.

Posted 2 years ago

Project owl - late night DIY of Greek fage & raisin frozen chips, one of the many things I create in my workshop called the kitchen.

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